ONE Yoga

ONE passion to Raise the Vibration

In 2012, ONE Yoga was created to combine the best of both worlds: heated power yoga & traditional hatha yoga, with experienced teachers, in a beautiful, spa-like space with views that bring you close to nature. ONE is a studio that truly serves the physical, spiritual, and healing aspects of the human spirit.

In the process of creating ONE Yoga, the intention was to allow that to come forward which serves the greatest and highest good of All. Everyone involved in the creation of ONE, including investors, staff, teachers, designers, and business service providers, was chosen not only for their talent but also for their way of Being. Special attention was paid to the Universal Flow at all times.

Our belief in this Oneness, both materially and spiritually, is represented in our three offerings – Power Yoga, Traditional Yoga, and Healing (Gentle) Yoga. Our mission:

Raise the Vibration!