ONE Yoga

Owner - Karey Goebel

Karey Goebel and her husband Matt own ONE Yoga Denver. 

Karey and Matt have a deep reverence for yoga, because  they have experienced its transformative power, first hand.  For more than 15 years Karey worked in the corporate world in the fields of finance and software. Karey first discovered yoga as a teenager, while practicing yoga with her mom in Boulder. And as she grew older her time on her mat became more and more precious.  And it began to shape her priorities. A few years ago she decided to leave the corporate world and she bought Inner Waves Organics, a company that makes sustainable yoga clothing. She and Matt also moved to an organic farm in the country where they live with their 3 pet goats, a flock of chickens, and a few rescue dogs.

Through yoga Karey and Matt have found new strength, resilience and peace in their bodies, their minds and their spirits. And they sincerely hope that you can find that too at ONE Yoga.  Raise the vibration!