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Welcome to ONE Yoga's Teacher Training in Denver! Considering a yoga teacher training is one of the best things you can do to transform your life. It is an intense period of self-development and investing in yourself. Many students who sign up for teacher training are interested in becoming yoga teachers...and many are simply interested in growing their own yoga practice and taking their journey deeper.

ONE Yoga's Teacher Training is a reflection of the Denver studio. You get to learn in a beautiful, comfortable setting designed to help you raise your vibration. There is a focus beyond the asana that includes spirituality and healing. Since half our classes are faster-paced, heated vinyasa classes, and the other half are more traditional yoga classes, you are introduced to a foundation that lets you choose your teaching path. Many of our graduates are now teaching in Denver at ONE Yoga and contribute to our wonderful community.

"ONE Yoga's TT was an amazing experience. It allowed deeper exploration of the branches of yoga that are not often explored in a practice setting. It gave me a taste for newer and deeper interests."

"I entered TT not wanting necessarily to teach. I grew through the transformational experience and realized I had the strength and love to serve others through teaching."

Our experienced program leaders will nurture your personal growth as a yogi and as a teacher. They will relate to the student experience because it is their own experience. When you grow the student within yourself, you grow the teacher within yourself.

After you graduate from this program, you will be able to apply new, creative tools with confidence – toward your everyday living and toward teaching yoga. You will be capable of guiding a yoga class with modifications for the unique bodies present, and you will be capable of calling on your new found alignment and philosophical knowledge to ensure it is supportive and inspiring for your students.

Unlimited yoga is included in the tuition for the duration of the Denver Yoga Teacher Training:

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